Sunday, April 25, 2010

The 3 P's of a Winning Interview

In today's job market, the person who "wins" the job offer isn't always the best candidate on paper. To win, you have to demonstrate the 3 P's of a winning interview:
  1. Prepare
  2. Practice
  3. Persuade

Prepare: find out as much information about the company, hiring manager, reason for the opening, needs of the position, key skills and attributes required.

Practice: become Lance Armstrong. Think back to when you first tried to ride a bike-you probably fell (I rode into a fire hydrant...and the hydrant won). After several tries, finally you were able to ride the bike. In today's tight job market, you have to ride like Lance. Practice with interview Q&A in "The Bliss List" at

Persuade: put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes and sell your sock off! Always ask for the order (job offer) before leaving.

People who practice the 3 P's are winning job offers today! Practice makes perfect.

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