Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Number That Matters

During the past week, I've been doing extensive radio interviews around the U.S., speaking on the positive news in the job market. That's right, I said it: positive news! That's become an oxymoron.

After speaking as the "jobs expert" with very influential and successful talk show hosts around the country, I've noticed a recurring theme (after 5 interviews): the media cannot process or convey positive news. Despite numerous positive signs of an uptick in the job market, the media cannot accept the glass as half-full.

Part of the problem is the paradigm that negative news sells. Almost all of the positive news was met with yeah but...yeah but don't you think its an aberration? NO I DON'T!

Why do we focus on the unemployment number? Shouldn't we focus on the over 90% of the U.S. who are employed full-time? Isn't this the number that matters? for podcast recordings of some of the interviews.

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