Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Cure For Tiger Woods

Everyone is talking about Tiger Woods' "problems" lately, but nobody has accurately grasped the essense of his woes. And, it has nothing to do with his putter (pardon the pun!).

Tiger had a Michael Jackson-esque childhood with a father determined to constantly force golfing greatness on his son. Not many 3 year-olds get on The Tonight Show putting golf balls for the host. Eldrick (that's right, Tiger's real name is Eldrick) grew up as the classic nerd you'd expect with that name. He couldn't buy a date - even in college. Then overnight, Eldrick became super-hero Tiger and was cast onto the world stage. He performed admirably on the golf course but failed to achieve The Six Spokes of Bliss (www.YourBlissList.com).

Tiger carried Eldrick's insecurities into adult life. Any negative emotion that is suppressed festers and repeatedly rears its ugly head until handled properly, especially insecurity.

To achieve greatness beyond the golf course, he needs to go six for six on his Bliss Spokes. Physically, financially, and intellectually, he's fine, but his relational, spiritual, and emotional spokes are broken right now. If his "sex addiction therapy" includes work on these missing components, superb; if not, so much talent will ultimately go to waste.

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