Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Case of the Yeah, Buts...

I've done eight interviews during the past nine business days with the #1 rated Radio shows in key markets across the country. I've noticed a recurring theme: the hosts all have a case of the "Yeah, buts..."

What is a "Yeah, but?" It's when a guest like me suggests optimism onto the airwaves, and, as if on autoreply, the host automatically responds, "Yeah, but..."

With the mainstream media infecting us with negative news 95% of the time, having an optimistic message like the Business Roundtable CEO Report revealing that 73% of the CEO's see sales increasing this year or Business Week reporting about a dramatic economic recovery that will resemble a "V-Shape," the media can only retort, "Yeah, but..."

Well, to all the doom-mongers who would rather wallow in fear (remember Y2K?), you're running out of steam. I have only one thing to say: "YEAH!"

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